This week, IoE and luxury botanical beauty brand Chantecaille launched a new AR app, Chantecaille Wild Beauty, to enlist beauty enthusiasts to conservation causes.

Wild Beauty invites users to experience Africa’s most majestic and endangered wild animals (the cheetah, elephant, giraffe, lion, pangolin, and rhinoceros), by bringing them into the users world through Augmented Reality, and photograph them in action. The app is connected to a campaign to introduce their ‘Africa’s Vanishing Species Collection’ of Luminescent Eye Shades, which supports six wildlife charities.

Chantecaille has a long history of supporting wildlife conservation. “Inspired by our passion for wild creatures and wild spaces, we have found a new way to spread awareness beyond the Chantecaille counters, beyond buying Philanthropy Cheek Shades or Lip Veil. We created this app for everyone to really connect with these fantastic creatures,” says founder and CEO, Sylvie Chantecaille.

Download Wild Beauty today!

Download Chantecaille Wild Beauty in the app store of your choice. (Please note, due to the latest AR technology use, the app might not be suitable for older devices).



Wild Beauty builds on our experience developing Safari Central and allowed us to integrate new technical possibilities, which create an easier user experience and social media integration. The app was developed in collaboration with UK based AR/VR agency RamJam.

Users select one of six animals from the menu and place it in their environment, then watch the animal emerge life-size from a Chantecaille eye-shadow compact like a genie out of a bottle. You can move the animal around your space by tapping the floor, resize it to fill a room or sit on the palm of your hand, or flip to selfie mode to photograph yourself with an African wild animal. Set against a soundtrack of the African savannah, the animals can move, walk, and behave as they do in the wild. The lion even calls and the elephant trumpets.

Gautam: “These are simply the best examples of AR wildlife available today, and that is because of the unique collaboration between Chantecaille, Internet of Elephants, and RamJam, which combined commitment to wildlife conservation, meticulous attention to detail, and superior modelling and game development skills.”

Additional features of the app include an informational tool that describes each of Africa’s Vanishing Species, with unique facts about the animal, the greatest threats to its future, and the conservation solutions of each wildlife charity partner.



The app is designed as an awareness- and fund-raising tool. Users are encouraged to “Join the Herd” by posting their photos to their social media feeds with the hashtag #ChantecailleWild for the chance to unlock additional charitable donations from the company to our six Africa-based philanthropy partners: Cheetah Conservation Fund, Space for Giants, Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Lion Guardians, Tikki Hywood Foundation, and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

A graph on the app will track how many photos of each species have been posted. Donations for each campaign will include individually impactful contributions like a kilometer of elephant “smart fence,” or a giraffe GPS satellite tag. The app is also intended to be a useful education and engagement tool at store counters.

Bespoke products

This app is the first of a series of ‘bespoke products’ that IoE is creating in line with its mission to engage millions more users with wildlife through engaging and fun digital channels.

In the fight to conserve our wildlife and wild places, we see three parties struggle: conservation organisations are fighting an uphill battle to attract the audiences they need to make change happen. People care about the world and long to contribute, but lead busy lives and want to be engaged on their own terms. Companies are looking for ways to engage with their audiences in a meaningful way. IoE brings together these three different groups by creating games and digital products that surprise, delight and activate people to support wildlife and nature. The collaboration with Chantecaille is a perfect example of this construction.