At IoE we work to find new ways to bring the stories of wild animals to audiences around the world. One of the best ways to do that is still the age-old way: a human sitting down to share their story with a group of willing listeners. These are some of our favourite podcasts on animals, as told by producers, reporters and scientists who excel in the art of story.

Pluie, the wolf who inspired carnivore recovery

Podcast by Wild Animals
Selected by: Abhilash

Pluie was one of the first animals to wear a satellite tracking collar with global readout, meaning her movements could be tracked no matter how far she went - and did she ever go far! Dr. Mark Hebblewhite tells how the incredible movements of this one wolf inspired a new effort to protect large landscapes, from Yukon to Yellowstone.

The Honeyguide

Podcast by BBC Natural Histories
Selected by: Raff

“This is a fascinating story about a naturally occurring partnership between humans and an African bird with a dark side, the honeyguide. I love the insights it gives into our own behaviour and the different ways species interact with each other, and the description of the detailed studies aimed at understanding the honeyguides' remarkable behaviours.”

Becoming a badger

Podcast by This American Life
Selected by Anne

“Charles Foster has always been obsessed with trying to figure out how animals see the world. So he decides to find out—by living life as a badger. In this podcast, Charles shares how living life close to the ground, sleeping in a den, eating worms and being mostly blind and deaf changed his entire perspective on the world. Along the way, he changed mine too. I love the part were he talks about how his son got into it too.”

How a sloth works

Podcast by Stuff you should know
Selected by Gautam

“Two guys who aren't wildlife guys geeking out about the amazing characteristics of sloths. Really fun to hear how non conservation guys appreciate animals and why.”

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