Download logos, game concept art and game screens from our google drive folder. Images are available royalty free with fair use in publications and posts relating to Internet of Elephants and our game Safari Central. 

selected PRESs


FastCompany's Most Innovative Companies of the Year 2018: Internet of Elephants
FastCompany, February 2018

Internet of Elephants uses AR to get up close to endangered species, turns their migrations into a game
Techcrunch, November 11th, 2017

What the Internet of Things can do for wildlife (starts at minute 25:45)
Resonance Fm, October 11th 2017

Dutch agencies are building the Pokemon Go for wildlife 
Adformatie, August 23rd 2017

How games can help conservation
Conservation Radio, August 29th 2017, podcast interview with Gautam Shah 

BBC Radio live interview with Gautam Shah
BBC World Service, 19 July 2017, starts at 48 minutes into recording 

A startup is making a “Pokemon Go” game based on the movements of real animals
Quartz, 19 July 2017

Animated animals: can games engage an audience with a conservation message?
Mongabay Tech, 19 July 2017

Rhino Carpentry: The Making of Lola the Rhino in Augmented Reality, 19 July 2017

Loop een wild beest tegen het lijf met Safari central
Control Online, July 17th 2017

Olifantjes redden vanuit je luie stoel  (Dutch)
Saving elephants from the comfort of your home (translation to English)  
Grensverleggers, November 2016 

Risking the absurd to achieve the impossible
Change Creator Magazine, article and podcast, July 2016

Going into Business for Wildlife Conservation
Published on Stanford Social Innovation Review, April 12, 2016

Internet of Elephants: Le Big Data Pour Aider Les Animaux Sauvages Menacés (French)
Published on FUTUREMAG, April 9, 2016

"Holy crap, there is not that much time left!" Confessions of a reluctant entrepreneur
Interview by Riley Masunaga, January 2016

Coding for Conservation: Hackathons Generate Apps and Ideas
Published on Wild Tech Mongabay, December 21, 2015

Could Big Data Have Saved Cecil the Lion?
Published on Skoll World Forum, September 24, 2015

The Internet of Wildlife
Published on Skoll World Forum, August 22, 2015


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