Today Internet of Elephants is launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund Safari Central, the first ever game based on real wildlife data. Through augmented reality, players track the movements of a real rhino, elephant, pangolin, lemur or grizzly in their own city and support the animal’s conservation through in-game purchases. Backers become part of a radical new movement to make conservation ferociously fun.

We need millions of wildlife

We’ve lost 50% of our wildlife in the past 40 years and conventional fundraising approaches are not reaching enough people or raising enough funds to turn the tide. Internet of Elephants aims to connect millions of people currently not engaged in conservation with wildlife projects across the world.

How the game works

Our first game, Safari Central, maps out the movement data of real wild animals in your own city, enabling you to track an animal and spot them on your mobile phone through augmented reality. In-app purchases enable you to learn more about the animal while your contribution goes towards their preservation. You will have a total blast exploring your city, discover fantastic animals and support conservation. 

Our partners

Safari Central is the world’s first game to be based entirely on real tracking data, which is gathered by Internet of Elephant’s conservation partners such as WWF Brazil, Chicago Zoological Society | Brookfield Zoo, Conservation International, Space for Giants, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Tswalu Foundation. Safari Central connects our partners to a new audience and revenue stream at no expense to their operations.

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What makes this unique?

  • You can track Mweturia the Elephant living thousands of miles away in Kenya, in your own city
  • The first application of wildlife GPS data for the consumer market
  • Internet of Elephants is a unique social enterprise model on a mission to create a new revenue stream for conservation organisations

Images are available royalty free for features on IOE and Safari Central. Please find a selection of low and high resolution images on our google drive folder.
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Jake Manion, Head of Product, Internet of Elephants