creating empathy through exciting, individual stories of wildlife

 As humans we relate to the true stories of individuals.  The same goes for animals. Look at how the world reacted to Cecil the lion, who had a name and a dramatic story. That is why our games are based on real animals, with data provided by our conservation partners. To prove how compelling conservation data can be to larger audiences, IoE created three stories by animating the GPS data of animals living in the wild.


the story of fleur and valentine


Eavesdrop on the romantic adventures of lioness Valentine as her nightly encounters with a male lion get her into serious trouble.


The story of Manyara


Follow Manyara and her herd of 30 fellow elephants through Tanzania on a search for nutrition, crossing highways and coming close to human settlements.


the story of neatoo


Neatoo, a wildebeest in Kenya with an individual streak, leaves her herd to travel to the Serengeti to munch on fresh grass and take part in the annual migration.



Stories of the Wild was created in collaboration with design agency Clever Franke. Data kindly provided by World Elephant Centre, Gnu Landscapes and Savannah Tracking.



Stories of the Wild was awarded with a Gold European Design Award in 2017.