That sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it’s exactly what happened this March. Raff Mares (IoE’s data scientist) and Gautam Shah (IoE’s founder) travelled to the Congo to visit Nouabale Ndoki National Park, to see the work of the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project and gather data and insights on the animals that live in this special part of the world, and the people who are working to protect them. More specifically, they were in Goualougo to scout the original gorilla and chimpansee stars for our upcoming release. What was the trip like and did they find their future stars?

Interview with Gautam and Raff

I had a chat with Gautam and Raff after they got back. Listen to the conversation and take a look at a few of the thousand+ photos they took along the way.

More adventures caught on tape

Gautam and Raff also created some great on-the-road/wading-through-the-mud video footage. It’s a vlog filled with sweat bees, broken boots, crocks (the plastic kind), dugout canoes, and the amazing company provided by the humans and animals of the forest.

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