More bad news for wildlife last week... Scientists reported a '6th wave of mass extinction' is under way. At Internet of Elephants we know the numbers all too well - it's why we do what we do!

Let's turn 2.2 billion gamers into conservationists!

IoE aims to revolutionise how people pay attention and contribute to conservation by creating games that are ferociously fun. IoE Founder Gautam Shah: "We need millions of people thinking about wildlife daily and we believe games are key. 2.2 Billion people play games! What if we can convert a percentage of them into conservationists?” What if instead of short bursts of outrage at the death of Cecil the lion, or a publication on mass extinction like we saw last week, people cared about endangered species everyday? That is why we are creating Safari Central, a radical new way for people to save wildlife.

Have a blast, save a species

Safari Central maps out the movement data of real wild animals in your own city, enabling you to track an animal and spot them on your mobile phone through augmented reality. In-app purchases enable you to learn more about the animal while your contribution goes towards their preservation. You will have a total blast exploring your city, discover fantastic animals and support conservation. 

Crowdfunding campaign lift-off: 53% funded in the first 5 days!

We are currently crowdfunding Safari Central and the campaign so far is a huge success: we reached 53% of our funding goal in five days. More evidence that people care! The campaign ends in 21 days and it’s all or nothing.

Find the kickstarter page here.

With tens of millions more people in the conservation space, we can change the tide. Gautam Shah: "Games reach people where they already are. We want wildlife to be a topic of dinner conversation, just like Lionel Messi or Donald Trump."

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Gautam Shah, founder Internet of Elephants
+254 715 277 453 (Kenya)

Jake Manion, Head of Product, Internet of Elephants

Images are available royalty free for features on IOE and Safari Central. Please find a selection of low and high resolution images on our google drive folder.
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