Thank you for downloading the IoE demo app. It a beta version and so there may be some bugs associated with the app. While we can't offer individual support at this time, please do let us know if you encounter any problems at, so we can look into them for the final version of the app. In the mean time, find frequently encountered errors and user instructions below. 

Problem: app crashes on Apple iPhone when I take a photo. 

Solution: instead of taking a photo with the green photo button, take a screenshot.

Problem: I get a message saying the hockey app cannot be trusted.

Solution: You are installing an old version of the app. Please download a new version of the app through the Apple store or Android store

Problem: I do not see the elephant or I cannot activate the elephant. 

Solution: You need the scancard. See the instructions below. 


After downloading, open the app and start the demo.

Print the scan card or display it on a tablet. Scan it with your device to bring Amelie to life.


Et voila, meet Amelie! Take a photo of her using the green photo button.