After playing our first prototype you told us you wanted lots more information on Amelie, her environment an her herd. We heard you! Now, our second prototype is ready for you to play. 

Amelie is a 26 year old elephant living in Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. She is 11 feet (3.2 meters) tall and weighs six tons. Can you predict where she is headed to? The more you know about Amelie's environment, the better you become at predicting her movements. Find out more through the info points and make a suggestion where Amelie will go today by placing a marker. The closer you get to her destination, the higher your score! The feedback form is included in the app, feel free to use it at any point in the game. 


This prototype portrays 3 scenes of Amelie's life. You can play all three days of her life in one go without waiting 24 hours!


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The app for Android phones or tablets

The app for iPhone or Ipad

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Because the app is a beta version we cannot publish it through the Apple or Android store and we have to offer it to you as a download. When you download apps outside the Apple/Android store environment, you will most likely get a warning message on your phone or tablet. To fix this problem, please take a look at our Install guides. Read the full Apple Install Guide or Android Install Guide !

While we can't offer support at this time, please do let us know if you encounter any problems at, so we can look into them for the next version of the app.


Problem: I get a message saying the hockey app cannot be trusted.

Solution: Please read the Apple Install Guide or Android Install Guide for instructions.