Amelie is a 26 year old elephant living in Tanzania, she is 11 feet (3.2 meters) tall and weighs six tons. And now you can bring her into your own home!

We want to bring millions of people across the world closer to real wildlife and we are experimenting with different technologies to make this happen. Through Augmented Reality, we can bring Amelie into your life through your phone! We'd love for you to meet her. Want to hang out with her, cuddle her, goof around with her, take her to places across the world she has never seen before? Download our AR demo for Apple or Android phones and tablets and bring her into your own living room or the palm of your hand. 

join the photo competition!

Take photos with Amelie and share your favourites on Instagram to join our competition. Enter now for a chance to have your name featured in the credits of our upcoming game. Don't forget to use the hashtag #MyAmelie. The winner is based on the amount of likes you get until January 31st. Good luck!


how the app works


Follow the link provided after signing up, to download the app. Open the app and start the demo.

Print the scan card or display it on a tablet. Scan it with your device to bring Amelie to life.


Et voila, meet Amelie! Take a photo of her using the green photo button. Share your best ones on instagram with the hashtag #MyAmelie.

Need help?


Read the full Android Install Guide !

Read the full Apple Install Guide !

This is currently a beta version and so there may be some bugs associated with the download or the app itself. While we can't offer support at this time, please do let us know if you encounter any problems at, so we can look into them for the next version of the app.


Problem: app crashes on Apple iPhone when I take a photo. 

Solution: instead of taking a photo with the green photo button, take a screenshot.

Problem: I get a message saying the hockey app cannot be trusted.

Solution: Please read the Apple Install Guide or Android Install Guide for instructions.